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We are an independent publishing house serving up “darn delectable children’s literature.”  Founded by Gigi Jobb in 2019 to bring her genre of formative children’s books to the world, Toad Spool Press prints in Manitoba, Canada and currently distributes across North America.

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We publish “this is who I am” books.  Books that go beyond entertainment to reveal and affirm the values of deep play, robust imagination, simplicity, and wonder.  As one thirteen year old reader professed with pride: “this is how I was brought up!”  If a living connection with nature, resilient creativity, and joy-based identity are precious to your family, you will cherish owning the whole collection of Gigi’s works.  
Being With Wonder and A Whole Other Magic have a classic, timeless, nostalgic quality, making them uniquely relevant to the older generation as well as the youngest of hearts.  You are sure to feel your way back to your own child-self as you journey the pages of these special books!

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Gigi Jobb

Author GIGI JOBB drifts back in time thematically and stylistically to revive an old-world cadence inspired by nursery rhyme, restoring love of lyric language and introducing a rolling musicality back into child development.  As an Early Years Waldorf teacher, Gigi experienced the power of lyrical, oral storytelling to impart high quality nourishment to the imaginative self.  Bringing this “soul food” to children and giving families a beautiful picture “to live into” is one dimension of her work.  Gigi is also an avid Playworker and mother of four.  She developed her own Wonderforest School featuring the Ramshackle Way to play and is the pioneer behind Parent by Magic: a lifestyle-philosophy that encourages adults to tap into and parent from the same creative, investigative heart space that kids live from.  

Gigi runs her creative empire and raises her four children from her tiny homestead in glorious Salt Spring, British Columbia, Canada.  

“A marvelous, musical hum filled the air
as this new kind of magic was made”

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A Whole Other Magic

An enchanting tale that celebrates the very earthiest of magic: the magic of children lost in play.

This is the ballad of a Fairy Godmother who divests herself of her storybook glory, trading it all in for a simple handbag of old-fashioned trinkets and toys.  To spark a revolution of down-home, good old hearty play in the screen-weary kids of today, this “wingless and wild magic mother” comes in the spirit of invitation, not moralizing.  Gently, irresistibly luring the children outside with her unique and natural play items and the help of her silly [seek-and-find!] toad…she ushers them into a whole other realm of everyday magic.

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Being with Wonder

Full of snuggle-up imagery like nestling in secret dens and pillow piles, Gigi Jobb takes boredom and solitude and reveals them for what they really are: “the secret back door” to Being with Wonder.

Welcome to the spacious world of imaginative play, as seen and told by Wonder, incarnate. In this visually stunning picture book, Wonder is brought to life as a real being; a narrator and special friend. Wonder lets us peek into the many favourite portals and secret spaces of play that are most precious to his girl. Sparkling with reverie and truthful gems about the nature of deep, immersive play, this story will transport adult readers back to the mystic places of their own childhood and open wide the door of fantasy for children of all ages.

There couldn’t be a more perfect storybook for this time of covid enclosure.


This beautiful book reminds us that Wonder is always there, inviting us to come out and play! That its mysterious, tickling nature tempts and delights our imagination to soar beyond the bounds of what we normally confine ourselves to. Being with Wonder is indeed a treasure to behold, a gift to give to those playful hearts close to you, including your own inner child!”

– Vince Gowmon, RTC, CPCC, BBA, Healer, Speaker, Author

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