Black Friday Blessings

Black Friday Savings Passed onto a Senior in this Pandemic

From Now until November 27th!

How can I spread the Magic?

200 books to give away!

Help Toad Spool Press load up the sleigh for seniors. For every order of A Whole Other Magic purchased before midnight November 27th on Amazon, we will receive notification of the sale and immediately add one book for special, sanitized, and covid-safe delivery to a seniors residence in the vicinity of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

More about the Book

A Whole Other Magic is a beautiful children’s book themed around the glory of simple, old-fashioned childhood play.  As the older generation remembers and cherishes with timeless clarity, it’s that “rosy and ruddy apple-cheek glow” of outdoor play — marbles, buttons, string, and a ragamuffin imagination — that truly nourishes a child.

Your Gift

 What a gift of nostalgia and warmth we can deliver together!  Gigi Jobb wrote this story to spark a revival of deep play in the young, but also to celebrate the importance of those dear ‘godmother’ figures in our lives — those neighbours, elders, and grandparents with invisible wings who deserve a second look….for they just might be fairy godmothers in disguise.

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